Residential Computer Services

We offer free estimates for determining the labor and hardware costs for repairs, upgrades, building your Mac, Personal Computers, or Home Wireless Network.

Our expert Professional Technicians will meet your computer related needs with great satisfaction.

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Small Business IT Services

We proudly claim due to our decades of professional expertise, IT services, hardware upgrades, repairs, fast wireless networks, and custom built servers and workstations, your employees will perform more tasks per day using their computer and IT devices, resulting in increased profits.

We offer a free assessment and consultation of your Company’s IT devices and network setup.

We will improve the efficiency of your business, decrease downtime and lower your monthly and annual IT costs.

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Why are we named Dash 9 IT?

In the Windows OS many applications can "hang up" and make your computer uneresponsive.

When I was in college, one of my classmates was answering a question of what the -9 parameter in Unix command line does for terminating a hung application. He said something along the lines of it is so powerful it will do what you are asking of it regardless of the defunct. So, kill -9 closes the app no matter what.

That is what we do here at Dash 9 IT Professionals, we are powerful in our expertise and tools to ensure we complete what is needed by our clients so they are not "hung up: on issues that impact efficiency of their employees using IT computers and devices to complete their daily tasks.