A different approach to the world of IT.help

Our approach to the IT/Computer world is not the typical overpriced/bad quality you're used to. We understand that during a lifetime you will buy many computer/IT related devices and you will need support. To accommodate this we charge a much lower hourly rate compared to the inflated amount of our competitors for each repair/service. Couple this with high work performance and fair billing for the Dash 9 IT experience. We love working with long term clients and aren't just trying to make a fast buck. We hope to change the fact that most people dread getting their computer fixed as much as they dread going to the dentist.

We, at Dash 9 IT, have created a company that focuses on reducing our client's frustrations. We currently live in an age where it is almost impossible to get by without the need to use computers and all their associated technology. Unfortunately, for the average user, this can get a little complicated. Dash 9 IT's mission is not only to resolve our clients issues, but also educate them so they can feel more comfortable embracing this technological age that can seem so overwhelming sometimes.

We are a small company, with only a few technicians. This allows us to get to know our clients on a more personal basis and focus on educating and working with them. We feel that without teaching our clients about the hardware and software that they are using, they will only encounter more problems and headaches in the future.

We also feel that one of the biggest problems in the IT industry today is unfair billing. We are continuously focused on keeping our rates low. All of our profits go straight to improving the company and paying all of our employees a fair wage. We are always focused on keeping our overhead costs low. We don't have any expensive cars or huge storefronts that take away from what we earn together as a company.

Dash 9 IT is focused on always using quality hardware; this includes "green" PC components. Many pre-built PCs use low quality hardware designed to bring in the highest profit margin. We focus instead on high quality components that are designed to provide high performance over long periods of time, in addition to being highly efficient and outputting less wasted electricity as heat pollution.

Our mission at Dash 9 IT is to:

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